Wednesday, 9 December 2015

hilke macintyre ceramic reliefs...

angel from 'Nativity 7'
Our latest Hilke MacIntyre ceramic reliefs...
'Nativity 7', 8-piece (each piece approx. 14cm high), £250  

'Nativity 8' ceramic relief (10x10cm), £45
'Watering' ceramic relief (4.5x22cm), £60
'Digging' ceramic relief (4.5x22cm), £65
'Raking' ceramic relef (4x22cm), £60
'Downhill'  (7x20cm), £70; 'Uphill' (7x20cm), £70

'Tennis' ceramic relief (5.5x20.5cm), £40

'Beer' ceramic relief (5.5x20.5cm), £40

Sunday, 6 December 2015

in the shop...

A very random selection of what you might find in the shop if you were to happen upon us at the moment. We are, of course, OPEN every day until Christmas...

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

getting there (or somewhere)...

Getting to that time of year when I start to worry if I'm actually as organised as I think I am (and that's quite worrying as I don't actually think I am that organised). New things are arriving in that customary sporadic fashion and lots more will be appearing on our shelves soon (even things that I'll have forgotten I'd ordered, no doubt). Here's another wee look around the shop (for those sensible souls not on Facebook).